Volume Detection for Well Plates & Racks

The VolumeCheck™ Volume Detection from BioMicroLab

High Speed Volume Detection for Well Plates & Tube Racks

BioMicroLab’s VolumeCheck™ instruments offer standalone, non-contact volume detection of samples in well plates and uncapped tube racks in as fast as 30 seconds per rack.

The VolumeCheck™ is designed, fabricated, and tested in our Concord, CA facility and made from the highest quality materials.

VolumeCheck™ Models

The VolumeCheck™ Volume Detection from BioMicroLab

VolumeCheck 384™

The most accurate in its class, the 384 outputs sample volume for 384 well plates in 30 seconds. Compatible with 384, 96, 48 & 24 well tube racks and well plates.

The VolumeCheck™ Volume Detection from BioMicroLab

VolumeCheck 100™

Ideal for sampling 96, 48 & 24 well labware, the 100 offers reliable non-contact volume verification.

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Why Labs Around the World are Choosing the VolumeCheck™


User Focused Software

A calibration wizard and colorful onscreen graphic displays make operation and interpretation of results easy for the user.

Ultrasonic Non-Contact Technology

Sensors detect the height of the meniscus and extrapolate volume based on calibration tables. This technology enables compatibility with a wide variety of labware.

Excellent Repeatability

The VolumeCheck reliably detects volume time and time again.

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How It Works

The VolumeCheck uses ultrasonic technology to measure the distance between the sensor and the height of the meniscus. It then extrapolates the distance from a calibration table created by the user and outputs the volume. The technology allows for measurement of sample volume in a wide variety of labware.

The VolumeCheck™ Volume Detection from BioMicroLab

The VolumeCheck software calibration wizard assists the user in efficiently creating the calibration table, which is based on known volumes of a given sample. Many calibration tables can be stored, making it easy to switch between sample types and different types of labware.

The resolution and accuracy will depend on whether the samples were centrifuged, any dimensional variation in labware consumables, the accuracy of the calibration tables created by the user, and the sample volume in the plates. The VolumeCheck returns a higher resolution with low volume plates vs. higher volume plates (PCR plates vs. 2.2mL deep well plates).

The VolumeCheck exhibits good repeatability, which makes it an appropriate choice for many volume inspection tasks.


The VolumeCheck™ is used in laboratories for:
  • Low or high sample volume detection in uncapped consumables
  • Sample library inventory management
  • Assay plate quality control
  • QC/QA for assay development and DNA processing
  • Sample volume detection of incoming plate samples
  • Volume verification for plates before and after liquid handling

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