XL9 Tube Handler™

Automates tube re-arraying, sample weighing, volume tracking & labeling for 96 tube rack samples.

BioMicroLab’s XL9 Tube Handler is the reliable, flexible and affordable robotic pick and place system that automates critical sample management tasks such as organizing, reformatting and accurately tracking samples. The XL9 is fully compatible with LIMS systems and with multiple 2D barcoded labware formats. Choose and order your XL Series platform with the capacity and modules right for your lab’s application. A proven sample management tool, the XL9 works well as the primary automation platform for labs with growing sample libraries, and as complementary automation for larger core facilities.

All designed, fabricated, and tested in our Concord, CA facility made from the highest quality materials.

Automation Benefits

Since 2004, XL9 Tube Handlers have been automating workflows in laboratories around the world! It is an ideal benchtop robot for use alongside fully automated sample stores!

  • 7 – 9 rack deck provides hours of “walk-away” time
  • Modular by design–your instrument will include just the capabilities you require for your workflow
  • Fully compatible with LIMS systems
  • Easy-to-use Software
  • Automates handling of 0.3 mL to 1.4 mL microtubes
  • Compound sample library management
  • Re-array and cherry pick samples prior to liquid handling
  • QA/QC
  • Save freezer space by consolidating tube rack samples
  • Print and apply human readable and barcode labels
  • Track sample volume data across compound library
  • Collect DMSO hydration with TubeDowser
Typically Installed In
  • Compound Libraries / HTS groups
  • Biobank / Biorepositories
  • Core Genomic Facilities
  • Molecular Diagnostic Testing Labs
XL9 Tube Handler fo Laboratory Sample Management

Key Features

Scan. Decode. Detect Volume. Re-array. Label.

Built with the features you need for your workflow, the XL9 can be used for a single operation, or to accomplish multiple tasks at once such as barcode decoding, weighing and labeling!

Small Footprint

While only requiring 18″ x 17″ (45 x 43 cm) of bench top space, the XL9 is ideal for laboratories with limited space.

Proven Reliable and Flexible

For managing 2D barcoded 96 well tubes, there is no tube handler more reliable, flexible, or affordable than the XL9! Supported by an experienced team since its debut in 2004, the XL9 continues to be a workhorse in laboratories across the industry!

We Support You with Every Step

An in-house BioMicroLab technician will unpack and install the instrument in your lab… and then train your team to get you up and running. We also offer online training sessions at anytime.

XL20 Video Poster

XL9 / XL20 Configuration Overview

Each instrument is configured with the Modules and Add-On Features your laboratory needs. The main difference between the XL9 and XL20 is the rack capacity.


Modular by Design



Re-array, Reformat, Cherry Pick

This core feature, included with all models, is central to all tube handling operations. For labs with small or large sample libraries, the XL9 sorts up to 700 tubes per hour, providing unattended tube processing for work list based tube transfer from source racks to target racks.


Sample Identification & Tracking

The XL9 seamlessly integrates 2D data matrix barcode decoding with all other tube handling operations, decoding up to 500 tubes per hour. BioMicroLab’s software captures and reports the tube’s 2D barcode, tube location, weight, volume and more to LIMS systems!


Label Printing & Application

Labeling tubes by hand is labor intensive. Let the all electric LabelPro do it for you! The labeling module attaches to the front of the XL9 (requiring 2 deck positions) and prints and applies high-resolution 1D & 2D barcodes as well as human readable text and symbols! User-friendly software allows operators to generate unique or identical labels using a variety of label materials and sizes.


Volume Detection

To verify volume upon receipt of samples, or before/after liquid transfer operations, the XL9 integrates either a precision automated balance and/or the non-contact sensor based LevelCheck™ to automate the collection of sample weight data.


Cold Room Compatibility

The XL Series accommodates lab requirements for maintaining sample temperature in cold storage, refrigeration systems and cold rooms. Cold room compatible XL9 units used for re-arraying tubes are capable of operation to -10°C. Units equipped with an automated balance are capable of operation to -4°C. Given the compact size, the XL9 fits nicely in freezers and cold rooms where space is often limited. Cold room compatible XL Series units operate in the exact same way as they would in ambient environment.


When operator safety is a concern, your XL9 can be enclosed so that the instrument automatically shuts off when the door is opened. Clear, acrylic walls allow maximum light and visibility into the instrument for operator ease-of-use.

XL Quote Wizard


User-friendly Windows based software is included with all XL Series instruments to manage sample processing modes and robotic operations. BioMicroLab offers software developer toolkits for your instrument and workflow integration projects.

XL Work List Manager Software

Included with all XL Series instruments, the XL Work List Manager Software provides control of all vial pick and place operations. It provides multiple tube processing modes for common tube handling applications to meet your varied workflow needs and allows you the flexible control you need to increase your throughput. Output files can be configured to meet your LIMS system requirements. Easily managed by multiple users, our full featured tube processing software provides unattended operation to meet your group’s throughput requirements.

Advanced system error handling options provide unattended operation. Output files can be configured to meet your LIMS system requirements.


  • User-friendly point-and-click Graphical User Interface
  • Data collection and worklist based processing modes
  • Guides the user through the tube rack loading and unloading process
  • Interactive interface provides feedback while processing tubes
  • Dynamically processes work lists with more racks than the XL Series platform capacity
  • Integrates with hand-held barcode scanners for rack identification
  • LIMS integration ready output files in .csv file format
  • Tracks and logs all system activity
  • Provides robust error-handling options for unattended tube processing
  • SDK & ActiveX toolkits available
XL Series Software Screenshot

Compatible Labware

The XL9 is compatible with 96 well ANSI/SLAS microtubes (0.3 mL to 1.4 ml) from major labware manufacturers. Please inquire if you do not see your labware listed, as it still may be compatible!

  • 96 format ANSI/SLAS tube racks
Compatible Manufacturers
  • Altemis
  • Biosero
  • FluidX
  • Greiner
    • Micronic
    • Thermo Scientific (Matrix, ABgene)
    • Ziath

and more!


Operational Mode Tubes / Hour
Re-array only 700
Re-array and 2D Decode 500
Re-array, 2D Decode and Weigh ~250
Re-array and Weigh ~300
Re-array, 2D Decode & LevelCheck 350-400
Re-array, 2D Decode & DMSO Check 350-400
Re-array and Label 180

XL9:  18” W x 17” D x 16” H  (45 x 43 x 40cm)
XL9 with Labeling:  18” W x 27” D x 16” H (45 x 69 x 40cm)


XL9:  ~40 lbs (18 kg)
XL9 with Labeling: ~62.5 lb (28.3 kg)

Actual weight depends on the configuration options

System Requirements

Operating System:  Windows 10, 8, 7; ~2GB RAM Recommended
USB Ports:  Two

Ask us about our laptops, preconfigured with BioMicroLab software!


100-240VAC ~ 50/60Hz

Operating Environment

XL9: 10°C to 40°C, 10-90% RH
XL9 for Cold Rooms: -4°C to 40°C, 10-90% RH


  • Automates collection of tube 2D barcode, weight, volume, and DMSO hydration
  • Decodes 2D barcode with integrated camera
  • Weighs sample with 0.1mg 4-place Balance (with Automated Balance option)
  • Scans sample volume in capped tubes (with LevelCheck option)
  • Scans sample DMSO hydration (with TubeDowser option)
  • Print and apply labels (with labeling option)
  • Enclosure available for operator safety!
  • Small 18” x 21” footprint
  • Compatible with 96-well ANSI/SLAS standard tube racks
  • Includes LIMS compatible BioMicroLab XL Series Work List Software

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