XL100 Vial Handler™

Increase your COVID-19 testing capacity by using the XL Series vial handlers for pooled sample processing!

The XL100 and XL200 are ideal for COVID testing. With on-deck liquid transfer using disposable Tecan tips, reagent and samples can be transferred from vials to PCR plates for accelerated test processing!


Automated re-array, sample vial weighing, liquid transfer, capping, decapping, vial labeling, and data collection for microtubes and larger vials!

The XL100 is a benchtop vial handler for drug discovery and biotech laboratories. Each instrument includes the modules you need for your workflow, and the XL100 integrates with your LIMS and other robotic instruments. The XL100 accomplishes data collection tasks, such as weight verification or sample tracking, alongside worklist type tasks, such as re-arraying, capping, liquid transfer and labeling! With a 20 rack capacity deck, the XL100 offers small and large laboratories the flexibility they need to accomplish challenging automation tasks today and into the future.

All designed, fabricated, and tested in our Concord, CA facility made from the highest quality materials.

Automation Benefits
  • 20 rack positions provide hours of “walk-away” time
  • Accomplish multiple sample management tasks with one instrument
  • Utilize automation to prevent repetitive strain injuries from capping, labeling and other tasks

Typical Applications Include:

  • Tube re-arraying prior to liquid handling operations or rack consolidation for freezer storage
  • Sample receipt processing with barcode and volume data collection
  • Volume verification after liquid transfer
  • Capping and decapping vials along with liquid transfer operations
  • Tube and vial labeling

Typically Installed In:

  • Compound libraries / HTS groups
  • Biobank / Biorepositories
  • Core genomic facilities
  • Combinatorial chemistry laboratires
XL100 Tube and Vial Handler

Key Features


One Instrument for All Tasks

When you need to re-array, label, weigh, label, cap/decap, transfer liquid and/or decode sample tubes and vials, the XL100 offers the widest range of options.

20 Rack Capacity Deck

Up to 20 racks, reservoir plates or pipette tip boxes can be pre-loaded, freeing the operator for other tasks.

Supported by an Experienced Team

From the configuration stage through installation and operation, BioMicroLab’s own California-based technicians and engineers ensure you have the help you need when you need it.

XL100 / XL200 Configuration Overview

Each instrument is configured with the Modules and Add-On Features your laboratory needs. The main difference between the two instruments is the rack capacity.


Modular by Design



Re-array, Reformat, Cherry Pick

This core feature, included with all models, is central to all tube handling operations. That’s why we designed the XL Series to include universal pick fingers that adjust to a wide variety of tubes and vials. It’s easy to remove and replace and is compatible with ANSI/SLAS format tube racks, including honeycomb format racks and PCR plates.


Sample Identification & Tracking

Whether your tubes have 2D data matrix barcodes on the base, or 1D barcodes on the side, the XL Series Tube Handlers seamlessly integrate barcode decoding with all other tube handling operations.


Label Printing & Application

Labeling tubes by hand is labor intensive. Let the all electric XL Series do it for you! The labeling module prints and applies high-resolution 1D & 2D barcodes as well as human readable text and symbols, and user-friendly software allows operators to generate unique or identical labels using a variety of label materials and sizes. See more…

XL LabelPro™ Tube Labeling System


Automated Tube Labeling

Automated tube and vial labeling makes it easy to affix human readable labels to labware and eliminates the headaches associated with manual tube labeling. The XL LabelPro™ module attaches to the front of the tube handler and can be removed when not in use. 

The XL LabelPro™ applies labels in a consistent orientation on every tube!

  • Prints 1D & 2D barcodes, symbols and human readable text using any font
  • Wide variety of label material and sizes available
  • Identical or unique labels
  • User-friendly software
  • Fast start-up and unattended operation
  • All electric operation; no compressed air!
  • Excellent resolution with 300 – 600 dpi thermal printer
  • Small footprint and convenient design
  • Easily remove the labeling module when not in use to free up 2 deck positions
  • Infield upgrades available for your existing XL Tube Handler
  • Includes cover (not shown in image)

We offer a wide variety of label materials including plastic/permanent acrylic CryoLabel®. Labels are designed for liquid nitrogen (-196°C) and freezer (-80°C) environments and are compatible with extremely cold storage temperatures found in genetics, virology, microbiology and other related fields.

Example Label Sizes:

  • 0.4" x 1.3"
  • 0.6" x 1.3"
  • 1" x 1"
  • 1" x 1.5"
  • 1" x 2"


Labels are available in white and any color

Labeling Software

Design and layout of labels is accomplished with a design utility embedded in BioMicroLab's XL Work List Manager Software which provides the ability to print the same data on all labels, merge variable data on each label, or apply pre-printed labels. Project based workflow allows for easily reprinting and applying commonly run labels.

  • User-friendly software
  • Input worklist file allows labeling and sorting in one job
  • Design your label with text, barcodes, images, and symbols
  • Merge data from external sources (.csv or .xml)
  • Easy to repeat previous labeling jobs
  • Output file is user-definable (.csv)



Volume Detection

To verify volume upon receipt of samples, or before/after liquid transfer operations, the XL Series Tube Handlers integrates precision balances to automate the collection of sample weight data. We offer 4-place and 5-place integrated automated balances from Sartorius and Mettler Toledo, and we maximize readability with internal and external ionizers and vibration absorption mats. See more…

Volume Detection


Automated Balances

Typically used for gravimetric tracking of sample volume, BioMicroLab integrates precision balances into tube moving systems to automate the collection of sample weight and tube barcode data. 4-Place and 5-Place Balances are available with:.

5-Place Balance Features

For the highest resolution volume detection, the Mettler Toledo 5-Place Balance is the ideal option for automated tube or vial weighing capabilities for a wide range of labware. Customers typically couple volume detection with capping and/or liquid transfer functions.

  • Mettler Toledo WXS weighing module
  • External display for operator ease of use
  • 0.01mg readability

Also included:

  • External XL Ionizer blower reduces high voltage electrostatic charges on the XL Series’ deck, balance, tube racks and sample tubes to +/- 22V at one foot from unit (20 ft3 per minute airflow). Features industrial grade ionizer electronics; no calibration required.
  • Internal ionizer with static buttons
  • Vibration mats

The XL Series Work List Manager software includes a Tare/Gross Weighing Mode for quick job set-up and pre-formatted output files.

4-Place Balance Features

  • Sartorius Balance
  • 0.1mg readability

Optional to be configured with External XL Ionizer™ blower to maximize readability

Scale Specifications Comparison
  Sartorius Mettler Toledo
Weighing Range 60g (4-place) 111-220g (4-place) 0-111g fine range (5-place)
Readability 0.1mg 0.1mg 0.01mg
Reproducibility 0.1mg 0.04mg (100g) 0.03mg (10g)
Linearity 0.2mg 0.3mg 0.25mg
Average Response Time 2 sec 2 sec 5 sec
XL Ionizer Details

Included with the Automated 5-place Analytical Balance and optional with the 4-Place Analytical Balance.

In some lab environments, as plastic test tubes are moved in and out of a plastic tube rack, the test tube may accumulate an electrostatic charge.  This charge can cause the test tube sample weight to appear to vary slightly when tube is placed in an analytical balance, especially at low volumes. To increase the accuracy of such measurements, the XL Analytical Balance Ionizer dissipates the electrostatic charge on the instrument’s deck, analytical balance, tube racks and test tubes to reduce any high voltage levels to +/- 22 volts.  By creating a neutral charge environment the XL Ionizer™ improves the readability of the XL Automated Analytical Balance when measuring low volume samples.

4-Place Details

Sartorius Balance External Display


Liquid Transfer

We offer automated liquid handling with the Tecan ADP pipetting module, configured on your XL Series Tube Handler via a separate Z-axis to allow seamless integration with other tube handling tasks. The Cavro ADP single channel pipette uses air displacement technology or conductive tips to aspirate or dispense fluids to and from any tube, vial or rack position! See more…

Liquid Transfer


Pipetting performance provided by Tecan. *Single dispense conditions: Clean DiTi with each dispense, DI water, 21-25 °C (uncontrolled), single non-contact dispense with blowout air volume (contact dispense for 1μl)

Integrate Liquid Handling Capabilities

For automated liquid handling routines, a Tecan Cavro ADP pipetting module is fitted to an additional Z-axis on the XL100 or XL200. It uses air displacement technology or conductive tips to aspirate and dispense fluids. Integrated liquid transfer offers an excellent opportunity to increase the efficiency of your laboratory vial filling processes. Typically customers configure liquid transfer with automated balance modules to verify sample volumes before or after dispense and aspirate processes.

The pipette allows controlled dispense, aspirate, and mix cycles which complements the XL100/200 barcode readers, balance, decapper, and other configuration options. After processing the vial samples, BioMicroLab's software generates output files with vial sample data.
To avoid cross contamination of samples, the system settings allow for the pipette tip to be discarded after each use (automatic tip ejection) and before a new tip is applied (automatic reload). Standard system configurations allow for on-deck reagent and diluent reservoirs.  Tip wash areas are also optional.



  • Tecan ADP pipette module
  • <5µL - 1ml volume
  • Single channel pipettor
  • Pipette is controlled by a separate z-axis
  • Auto-load and auto-eject pipette tips
  • Conductive tips provide liquid level sensing
  • Aliquot and dispense from any tube, vial or rack position
  • Aspirate or dispense in 7 seconds per vial
  • On-deck reagent / diluent reservoir, pipette tip supply, and wash areas are optional
  • Precise sample temperature requirements can be achieved with customized MéCour thermal blocks as an additional option


  • Re-array samples prior to use in liquid handling systems
  • Organize tube rack samples into 96 or 384 well plate pattern
  • Confirm sample volume for compound library
  • Conserve freezer space (consolidate partial racks)
About the Tecan Cavro ADP Pipette Module

The Tecan Cavro ADP offers excellent pipetting performance comparable to advanced manual pipettors, and uses a range of disposable tip sizes. The Cavro ADP is factory calibrated to ensure the most accurate air displacement and to minimize variability.  The pipetting mechanism includes onboard liquid level detection and diagnostics to monitor correct operation.

Tip Configuration 1 tip
Pipetting Range < 5µL—1000µL
Tip Compatibility Tecan disposable non-conductive or conductive tips (DiTis) 50, 200 and 1000µL
Liquid Level Detection (LLD) Pressure-based detection



Pipette Part Numbers

BioMicroLab offers direct delivery of pipettes.

  Non-filtered Filtered Non-filtered Filtered
50µL 30 057 811 30 057 813 30 057 818 30 057 819
200µL 30 057 814 30 057 815 30 057 820 30 057 821
1000µL 30 057 816 30 057 817 30 057 822 30 057 823

ANSI/SLAS boxes to use as empty holder for tip refills

Reusable ANSI/SLAS-format tip box PART NUMBER
50µL and 200µL sized tips 30 058 506
1000µL sized tips 30 058 507



Capping & De-capping

To eliminate the strain and time needed to cap and decap screw cap vials by hand, the XL Series robotic platforms provide robust automation for capping and decapping applications. Caps can be held while other functions, such as liquid transfer or volume detection, are performed, and either used to recap the vial, or an automated cap feeder* can be attached to the side of the instrument to supply a new/unused cap (*feature exclusive to the XL100). See more…

Capping & Decapping

Labware Compatibility

Capping Module is Compatible with Common Laboratory Screw Caps

  • 2mL, 4mL, 6mL, and 8mL glass vial caps (Wheaton, Kimble-Chase, Qorpak, and more)
  • Sarstedt 2mL screw cap vials
  • Cryovials (Nunc, Corning, Greiner, and Thermo)

Integrate Capping with Other Tasks

The XL integrated capper / decapper automates adding and removing screw caps from common laboratory vials. It is designed to integrate capping with other functions such as re-array, barcode decoding, volume detection, liquid transfer and more. Our users typically perform these types of functions alongside capping or decapping:

  • Dispense and cap
  • Label and cap
  • Fill, verify volume and cap
  • Confirm 1D and/or 2D barcode
  • Decap incoming samples
  • Decap and weigh to verify sample volume

Decapping Operating Modes

  • Decaps a vial and discards the cap
  • Decaps a vial and holds the cap while the vial is weighed, then recaps
  • Decaps a vial, discards the cap while the vial is weighed, then recaps with a fresh cap* Available on XL100 Only

Capping Operating Modes

  • Provides a source of fresh caps
  • Dispense a fresh cap for application to a vial

Automated Cap Feeders

To cap or re-cap with a new, unused cap, automated Cap Feeders attach to the side of the XL100 Vial Handler to supply fresh caps for a variety of screw cap vials. Our software includes a feature to selectively apply multiple cap colors if desired. Cap feeders are not available on the XL200 at this time.


Sample Temperature Integrity

We offer cost effective solutions to temperature management! Depending on your application, we may recommend a model built for Cool Room environments, or if you wish to operate in an ambient temperature room, we may recommend a system integrated directly onto the XL Series instrument platform, such as Solid State Cooling system or Mécour Thermal block, to maintain steady sample temperatures. See more…

Sample Temperature Integrity Options


When sample temperature matters, we'll help you find the best solution for your application 

The XL Series tube handlers accommodate lab requirements for maintaining sample temperature. 

Cool Room Compatible Units

(Available for all models) These models allow automated sample tube sorting up to -10°C (or to -4°C for units with an automated balance).  The XL Systems operate in the same manner where samples are loaded on the deck and processed automatically.  

On-Deck Options for Use in Ambient Rooms

(Available for XL100 & XL200 models) We also offer on-deck temperature integrity systems for use in ambient temperature rooms:

  • Solid State Cooling systems provide real-time feedback and uniform temperature for all sample vials and guarantee precise sample temperature integrity from 5°C to 50°C.
  • A variety of MéCour Thermal Block options guarantee precise sample temperature integrity ranging from -100°C to 250°C.
Application Note - Solid State Cooling

Solid State Cooling Application Note - PDF Download

  • Provides real-time feedback and uniform temperature for all sample vials
  • Guarantees precise sample temperature integrity from 5°C to 50°C.
  • Reliable, refrigerant-free thermoelectric technology
  • Energy-efficient
MéCour Application Note

MéCour Thermal Blocks Application Note - PDF Download

  • Variety of thermal block options available
  • Guarantees precise sample temperature integrity from -90°C to 250°C.


When operator safety is a concern, your XL Series instrument can be enclosed so that the instrument automatically shuts off when the door is opened. Clear, acrylic walls allow maximum light and visibility into the instrument for operator ease-of-use. See more…

XL Series Enclosures


For Operator Safety

Protect operators from potentially hazardous moving mechanical laboratory equipment and robotics systems. The Non-filtered enclosure has clear windows and doors that allow excellent visibility and maximum penetration of external lighting. An interlocking door safety switch can be included that stops instrument operation when opened. Available with all models.


  • Anodized aluminum extrusions
  • Acrylic panels – 6mm thickness
  • Designed by BioMicroLab for optimum space savings

High-Speed Mixing with BioShake®

The QInstruments BioShake® orbital shaker offers precision mixing for demanding robotic applications. Mounted on the instrument deck, this high-speed mixer for vibration free shaking is suitable for microplates, assay plates and tubes. (BioShake is a registered trademark of QInstruments).  See more…


High-speed Mixing with BioShake™


For Plates, Tube Racks & Microplates

Mounted on the platform deck, the QInstruments BioShake orbital shaker module offers high-speed, precision mixing for assay plates, tube racks and microplates. Ideal for your demanding robotic applications!


  • High-speed mixer for vibration free shaking
  • Suitable for microplates, assay plates, well plates, and tube racks.

Integrate with Other Instruments

We offer a Robotic Transfer Arm to load and unload the instrument deck, as well as a “Transfer Station” on the deck itself to make it easier to move racks.


Buffy Coat Extraction

A Blood fractionation processor is now available for automated isolation and transfer of buffy coat! Remove the buffy coat layer consistently and reliably while freeing up lab time for higher value tasks!

XL Quote Wizard


Workflow based software provides operators flexibility to accomplish multiple sample management tasks at once!


Our Software guides the operator through the deck loading process so vial racks, tip boxes and reservoir plates are in the right place.


The operator specifies the sample processing routines and walks away.


Vial processing begins. Modes include work list, data collection, and tare/gross weighing.


Our Software outputs all data in user defined .csv or .txt format for integration with LIMS or other systems!

XL100 Depicted In a Typical Laboratory


User-friendly Windows based software is included with all XL Series instruments to manage sample processing modes and robotic operations. BioMicroLab offers software developer toolkits for your instrument and workflow integration projects.

XL Work List Manager Software

Included with all XL Series instruments, the XL Work List Manager Software provides control of all vial pick and place operations. It provides multiple tube processing modes for common tube handling applications to meet your varied workflow needs and allows you the flexible control you need to increase your throughput. Output files can be configured to meet your LIMS system requirements. Easily managed by multiple users, our full featured tube processing software provides unattended operation to meet your group’s throughput requirements. Advanced system error handling options provide unattended operation. Output files can be configured to meet your LIMS system requirements. Learn more…


  • User-friendly point-and-click Graphical User Interface
  • Data collection and worklist based processing modes
  • Guides the user through the tube rack loading and unloading process so vial racks, tip boxes and reservoir plates are in the right places
  • Interactive interface provides feedback while processing tubes
  • Dynamically processes work lists with more racks than the XL Series platform capacity
  • Integrates with hand-held barcode scanners for rack identification
  • LIMS integration ready output files in .csv file format
  • Tracks and logs all system activity
  • Provides robust error-handling options for unattended tube processing
  • SDK & ActiveX toolkits available
XL Series Software Screenshot

Compatible Labware

The XL100 is compatible with commonly used microtubes, cryovials and vials up to 125 mm in height! Please inquire if you do not see your labware listed, as it still may be compatible! 


  • 96 , 48, 24, 12, 6 format ANSI/SLAS tube racks
  • 0.2 mL to 15 mL+
  • 2 mL cryovials
  • 4 mL, 6 mL, 8 mL glass vials
  • conical tubes (i.e. 15mL Falcon tubes)
  • Vacutainers
    … and others!
Compatible Manufacturers
  • Abgene
  • Altemis
  • Biosero
  • Falcon
  • FluidX
  • Greiner
  • LVL
  • Matrix
    • Micronic
    • Nunc
    • Sarstedt
    • Thermo Scientific
    • Ziath

and more! Please inquire!


Operational Mode Tubes / Hour
Re-array only 500
Re-array and 1D or 2D Decode 300
Re-array, 2D Decode and Weigh ~170
Re-array and Weigh ~170
Decap / Recap 160
Label 150
Configuration  Dimensions
XL100 45″ W x 28″ L x 35″ H 115cm x 72cm x 89 cm
XL100 with Labeling 45″ W x 36.5″ L x 35″ H 115cm x 93cm x 89 cm
XL100 with Labeling and Cap Feeder for Glass Vials 52″ W x 36.5″ L x 35″ H 132cm x 93cm x 89 cm
XL100 with Cap Feeder for Sarstedt Tubes 70″ W x 28″ L x 35″ H 177cm x 72cm x 89 cm

XL100:  Starts at 100 lbs (45.5 kg)
XL100 with Labeling:  Starts at 122.5 lbs (55.6 kg)

Actual weight depends on the configuration options

System Requirements

Operating System:  Windows 10, 8, 7; ~2GB RAM Recommended
Serial Ports:  One
USB Ports:  Two

Ask us about our laptops, preconfigured with BioMicroLab software!


100-240VAC 60Hz


Designed for CE Standard

Operating Environment

-10°C to 40°C, 10-90% RH
Sample temperature may be ambient or frozen

Temperature Integrity Systems available to maintain steady sample temperature between -90°C to 250°C



Depending on your configuration, your XL100 can include the following features:


  • Automates collection of tube 2D barcode, weight, and/or volume data
  • Decodes 2D barcode with integrated camera mounted beneath the platform
  • Decodes 1D barcodes with a linear barcode reader
  • Weighs sample tubes with 0.01mg readability 5-place Balance or 0.1mg 4-place Balance (with Automated Balance option)
  • Prints and applies labels (with labeling option)
  • Liquid Handling module (Tecan Cavro ADP) automates liquid transfer with auto-load and auto-eject pipette tips
  • Precise sample temperature requirements can be achieved with customized thermal blocks (Mécour Thermal Blocks and Solid State Cooling options)
  • Capping and Decapping module removes caps and re-applies original cap, or re-applies with a fresh cap (with integrated cap feeder). Compatible with 2-8mL glass screw cap vials, cryovials, and closures from BioMicroLab, Wheaton, KimbleChase, Qorpak, Sarstedt, Corning, Greiner, Nunc and many more.
  • QInstrument BioShake® orbital shaker offers on-deck precision high-speed mixing for demanding robotic applications. Suitable for microplates, assay plates and tube racks.
  • To increase throughput and integrate with other laboratory robotics, the Rack Transfer Station (up to two per instrument) enables off-deck access for well plates and tube racks.
  • Enclosures available for operator safety!


  • Compatible with wide range of ANSI/SLAS tube formats, cryovials, conical vials, vacutainers and more
  • Includes LIMS compatible BioMicroLab XL Series Work List Software
  • Barcoded deck streamlines loading sample vial racks, tip boxes and reservoir plates

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