XL Series Enclosures™

Enclosures for the XL9, XL20, XL100 and XL200

When your application requires an automation enclosure, we have the right size for each available XL Series. Our enclosures are designed to protect either the process or the operator when needed in a particular application and the XL Series Enclosures have clear, non-filtered windows and doors that allow excellent visibility and maximum penetration of external lighting.

HEPA Filtration–NEW!

HEPA filtration is now available for sample integrity.

Safety Switch

Every enclosure includes an interlocking door Safety Switch that can be used to halt instrument operations when the door is opened.

High Quality Construction

The XL Series Instrument Enclosures are built from sturdy anodized aluminum extrusions and 6mm thick acrylic panels.

Optimal Design

Space saving design optimizes your lab’s bench space and is compatible with XL models with the XL LabelPro™.

Models Instrument Footprint
(W x L x H)
Enclosure Dimentions*
(W x L x H)
XL9 Tube Handler 18” x 17” x 16”
45 x 43 x 40.5 cm
28” x 21” x 25”
71 x 53 x 63.5 cm
XL9 with LabelPro 18” x 27” x 16”
45 x 67 x 40.5 cm
28” x 31” x 25”
71 x 79 x 63.5 cm
XL20 Tube Handler 28.5” x 21” x 16”
72 x 53 x 40.5 cm
38” x 35” x 25”
96 x 89 x 63.5 cm
XL20 with LabelPro 28.5” x 31” x 16”
72 x 79 x 40.5 cm
38” x 36” x 25”
97 x 91 x 63.5 cm
XL100 Tube and Vial Handler 40” x 26.5” x 31”
102 x 67 x 79 cm
50” x 30” x 34”
127 x 94 x 86 cm
XL100 with LabelPro 40” x 34” x 31”
102 x 86 x 79 cm
50″ x 37″ x 34″
127 x 94 x 86 cm
XL200 Tube and Vial Handler 48” x 30.5” x 35”
122 x 77 x 89 cm
58” x 35” x 38”
147 x 89 x 97 cm
XL200 with LabelPro 48” x 38” x 35”
122 x 96 x 89 cm
58” x 42” x 38”
147 x 107 x 97 cm

*Estimated enclosure dimensions. Final system dimensions determined upon engineering drawing review.

Enclosures for the XL9, XL20, XL100 and XL200
Enclosures for the XL9, XL20, XL100 and XL200 Shows Doors Closed
Enclosure Closed
Enclosures for the XL9, XL20, XL100 and XL200 Shows Doors Open
Enclosure Open

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