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We Offer A Complete Line Of 1D and 2D Barcode Readers

BioMicroLab’s SampleScan™ full rack and single tube barcode readers are found in drug discovery labs and biorepositories worldwide. Because the SampleScan™ readers are easy-to-use and integrate well with other systems, they have become a favorite for thousands of users.

All our scanners come with a 5 year warranty 

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SampleScan™ Models



SampleScan HS

With the fastest decoding time and compatibility with frozen labware, this is a favorite for labs decoding cryovials.

SampleScan HS Cryo Barcode Reader

SampleScan HS Cryo

Decode 81/100 format cryo boxes quickly with this high-throughput reader!

SampleScan ES Barcode Reader

SampleScan E-Series

Widely compatible with most ANSI/SLAS labware, including frozen labware, this is a versatile favorite.

SampleScan Mini Barcode Reader

SampleScan Mini

The first SampleScan to hit the market is still decoding racks around the world!

SampleScan Plus Single Tube Scanner

SampleScan Plus

This single tube reader quickly decodes 1D and 2D barcodes into any open application on a Mac or PC!

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Why Labs Around the World Choose SampleScan™ Barcode Readers


Easy to Use

Get started in minutes with software that displays results for operator review!


Our scanners are backed by a 5 year warranty.

Supported by an Experienced Team

Our entirely in-house team has been engineering robotic instruments for 24+ years. We commit to providing you with unparalleled support through the life of your instrument!

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Straight Forward Workflow



Operator Places a Rack on the Scanner

Just place the cryobox or ANSI/SLAS format tube rack, including honeycomb format racks, onto the scanner.


Software Scans and Decodes

Within a few seconds you’ll see the results on the screen. You can output results or re-scan if needed.


Output File Generated for Database

A .csv file is ready to send to your LIMS or other system (we provide SDK and ActiveX toolkits for your integration projects).

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