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Keep Your Instruments Running at Their Best

We offer a variety of service programs to help you protect and maximize your investment. Whether you want your instrument to have an annual Preventative Maintenance service or a one-off Factory Refurbishment, we offer a variety of options to meet your needs.

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Service Programs


Preventative Maintenance

Keep your instrument running like-new with a thorough Preventative Maintenance service either onsite or at our factory. Available as a one-off or annually for 1-5 years.

Factory Refurbishment

Return your unit to original factory specifications! Our comprehensive service is done at our factory for most instruments.

Service Agreement

Get a 1-year warranty after each Preventative Maintenance or Factory Refurbishment service! Typically for 1, 2, 3 or 5-year terms.


Extended Warranty

Add 1, 2, 3 or 5 years to the Factory Warranty! Includes one Preventative Maintenance or Factory Refurbishment service each year!

Minor Repairs & Part Replacement

We provide service and repairs based on time and materials for all instruments not covered under warranty!

Secure Your Investment

By caring for your instrument!

Why Choose Factory Service Plans


BioMicroLab Factory Technicians

Only our in-house trained technicians and engineers familiar with the specifics of your instrument and installation configuration perform the inspection, repairs, upgrades and testing!

Onsite Service Available

We can come to you! This is typically requested for the XL100 & XL200, but can be arranged for any of our instruments.

Comply with Maintenance Requirements

We prepare detailed reports carefully documenting the details of our service for your records.


Preventative Maintenance

Under typical system operation, there is normal wear and tear, worn components, accumulated debris, and changes in tolerance which may result in your instrument losing its factory calibration. A Preventative Maintenance service is highly recommended annually for highest reliability or after every 4,000 hours of use.

Preventative Maintenance services can be performed either onsite or at our factory, depending on scope of service.

Factory Refurbishment

This is our most thorough service and is done at our factory so that technicians can access all the internal components that are not normally field accessible.  Our Factory Certified Refurbishment Program restores your instrument to Like-New condition. We highly recommend this service to heavy users and if the instrument has changed ownership.

Service Agreements

You can purchase Service Agreements at any time, whether your existing warranty has expired or not.

We include one Preventative Maintenance service per year of the agreement, PLUS extend the limited warranty for one year after that service.

Preventative Maintenance services can be performed either onsite or at our factory, depending on scope of service.

If your warranty has lapsed and you wish to purchase a Service Agreement, we will inspect the instrument upon arrival. If any parts need to be replaced, we will bill for the parts and labor after the first service. Once those repairs are made, any parts replaced in the future (during the term of the Service Agreement), are replaced at no charge.

Extended Warranties

Buy with your initial instrument purchase and extend the duration of your factory warranty! Extended warranties are for specific terms and include one Preventative Maintenance service per year! Covered parts and repair services are included at no cost! 

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BioMicroLab will provide “depot service” for warranty repairs or service. Service labor will be provided at the BioMicroLab’s factory located in Concord, California.

For onsite service calls, the customer pays for costs related to technician travel. We will provide an accurate cost information at the time of quote, to take into account the specific instrument, location, and other factors. 

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We help arrange shipping and will provide instructions for how to pack or unpack instruments or parts if applicable!

If you do not have the original packing containers, crates and/or inserts, we can provide them for a nominal feel.

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We can typically offer loaner systems, based on availability, for a flat-fee. Please schedule in advance for the best availability.

We provide email, electronic through our website, and phone support at no cost to original owners of all instruments, and to secondary owners after a Service Agreement or Factory Refurbishment.

Phone, Electronic or Email Support
Expect a response within 4-8 business hours. Our office hours are 8:30am – 5pm Pacific Time, Monday – Friday; We are closed for major US holidays.  Contact Us for Tech Support Here…

Onsite Support
We typically can arrange this within 3-10 working days, pending availability of technicians.

Are you not the original owner of your instrument? Our instruments have long lives and so occasionally end up in new laboratories. In these instances, we highly recommend a Service Agreement or Factory Refurbishment.

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