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Tube and Vial Handlers

XL100 and XL200 Vial Handlers

XL9 and XL20 Tube Handlers

XL LabelPro Tube Labeler

Tube and Vial Handlers

SampleScan 1D and 2D Barcode Readers


XL AutoCap™ Capping and De-capping

Electronic Dry Compound Spatula

SampleScan HS™ and HS Cryo™ Barcode Readers

SampleScan Plus™ Barcode Reader

SampleScan Mini™ Barcode Reader

Labeling 4mL Glass Vials

Tube and Vial Handlers

Labeling Ceramic Vials

XL100 with 12x.75 Glass Test Tubes

XL100-4.0mL Glass Vials (Scan-Weigh)

XL100-4.0mL Glass Vials (Liquid Handling)

XL100-XL200 Automated Balance

XL100-XL LabelPro Labeling Falcon Tubes

XL LabelPro-XL9 Labeling 1.0mL LVL Tubes

XL AutoCap With FluidX Tubes
XL100 With BioShake Module

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