XL Ionizer™ 

Improve Balance Readability for Low Volume Samples

In some lab environments, as plastic test tubes are moved in and out of a plastic tube rack, the test tube may accumulate an electrostatic charge. This charge can cause the test tube sample weight to appear to vary slightly when tube is placed in an analytical balance, especially at low volumes.

To increase the accuracy of such measurements, the XL Ionizer dissipates the electrostatic charge on the instrument’s deck, analytical balance, tube racks and test tubes to reduce any high voltage levels to +/- 22 volts. By creating a neutral charge environment the Ionizer improves the readability of the XL Automated Analytical Balance when measuring low volume samples.

This is included with the 5-Place Automated Balance module for XL100 and XL200 Vial Handlers. It is an optional add-on for the 4-Place Balance and LevelCheck modules.

  • No calibration required
  • Industrial grade ionizer electronics
  • Fault monitoring circuit with status LED and I/O connection indicates proper operation
  • 20 cubic feet per minute airflow
  • Reduces high voltage electrostatic charges to +/- 22V at one foot from unit
  • Improves the balance readability when measuring low volume samples by neutralizing electrostatic attraction (ESA) between test tube and balance
  • Prevents electrostatic buildup created with repeated weighing of same tube
  • Eliminates electrostatic charge on XL Series deck, balance, tube racks and sample tubes
  • Compatible with the XL9, XL20, XL100 and XL200 Automated Analytical Balance, and with standard analytical balances

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