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BioMicroLab instruments are designed to accelerate your sample throughput. Learn more about how our instruments are used in these Workflow and Application Notes.

Sample Temperature Integrity
with the XL100/XL200

Solid State Cooling Systems with the XL100 or XL200 guarantee sample temperature integrity from 5°C to 50°C. Download PDF

Ultra-Low Temp Sample Management
with the XL100/XL200
For applications requiring more extreme temperature integrity, BioMicroLab XL Series Vial Handling systems can be equipped with MéCour Thermal Block Technology to manage samples from -90°C to 250°C. Download PDF
Process Patient Sample Collection Tubes
with the XL100/XL200

Solid State Cooling Systems with the XL100 or XL200 guarantee sample temperature integrity from 5°C to 50°C. Download PDF

Sample Re-Arraying
with the XL Tube Handler


Sample Handling & Volume Verification
with XL Tube Handler, SampleScan, VolumeCheck
Receiving Samples and QC for Processing
withXL Tube Handler & VolumeCheck



Applications by Industry

Genomics & Biobanking

Genomics and related fields like biotechnology, genetic epidemiology, genetic engineering, gene therapy and proteomics are growing rapidly. The number of samples being processed will continue to grow, as will the infrastructure necessary to support it. Our robotics help biobanks process, organize and manage DNA aliquots so that laboratories worldwide can efficiently manage large volumes of samples while increasing the accuracy of their sample management systems.

BioMicroLab’s benchtop automation systems (XL100, XL20 and XL9) include specialized barcode scanners, volume measurement systems and software to cherry-pick and re-array samples. Our systems are ideal for laboratories looking to increase handling over time as we offer solutions for both small, freezer based stores and large biobanks.

Sample Reformat and Consolidation

To compete in highly competitive fields like pharmaceutical research and development, laboratories must accomplish processes and tasks as quickly as possible. Automating otherwise time consuming tasks not only streamlines the process but frees the technician or researcher to focus on other tasks. Reformatting or consolidating trays of samples is one such task easily accomplished by our robotics The XL100 handles, weighs and sorts liquids and compounds, and also offers robust customization with a cherry-pick function. Not only does the software easily integrate with LIMS databases, but the XL100 has an optional transfer tray to connect to other robotics in your laboratory.

Tube & Vial Labeling

The XL LabelPro automates the otherwise tiresome task of labeling tubes by hand. Automating the application of pre-printed, ceramic, or print-on-demand labels increases throughput!

Compound Libraries

Users find that the XL20 and XL100 help them automate an otherwise slow and laborious process of tracking, weighing and reformatting compounds. One laboratory, for example, uses the XL20’s cherry-pick function to automate the preparation of custom trays. This streamlines the operation as it allows users to single-out the relevant compounds to be tested and measured.

Sample Tracking

When working with hundreds or thousands of tubes, you need to be sure you know which is which. Uniquely barcoded labware has become very popular, but it is only useful if you take advantage of it. Our scanners are designed to rapidly identify individual tubes and/or racks and integrate with LIMS databases. SampleScan scanners can help support sample preparation, sample receiving, confirmation of sample reformatting and other sample management tasks.

Volume Tracking and Measurement

There are many instances where you may need to verify and record the volume of liquid in a well plate or individual tube. Some of our customers use the VolumeCheck to measure evaporation and changes in volume over time. Others use it as a way to double verify that the presumed volume is indeed accurate. We offer a few different technologies to measure volume. For those requiring a solution integrated into a tube sorter like the XL9, XL20 and XL100, we offer 4 and 5-Place Balances and our LevelCheck.


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