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Who We Are

BioMicroLab is now a part of SPT Labtech, a global leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation for liquid handling, sample preparation and management supporting a wide range of life science applications! Read more about the recent acquisition….

BioMicroLab specializes in reliable, value-added, easy-to-use benchtop automation. We engineer and manufacture all of our products at our facility in Northern California. Our products are used in hundreds of research and life science laboratories around the world, and our goal is to build instruments which provide fast sample processing, unattended operation and robust sample management software tools.

Biomicrolab Building Exterior

Engineering and Manufacturing

All BioMicroLab products are engineered and manufactured in our northern California facility. We start with raw sheet metal and fabricate it into the product housing. The remaining electro-mechanical components are then assembled into the final product along with the controlling software.


At BioMicroLab, we make a no-compromise commitment to ensuring that all products perform at the highest level of performance. We test every product in our quality control lab for an extensive period of time making sure it meets all our standards before being released.

Sheetmetal break operator


Our engineering team installs every benchtop automation system in your laboratory facility ensuring your application is running properly and your staff is fully trained in its operation. In addition, we provide preventative maintenance and extended warranty programs. Our in house technical staff is available for additional product support as needed. 

Biomicrolab conference room meeting

Our Products

Our goal is to design efficient sample management robotics to accelerate your workflow and provide a proven return on investment.

XL20 Tube Handler

Tube Handling

Automated tube sorting, labeling and liquid handling


Volume Measurement

Non-contacting volume measurement available for a variety of labware consumables

SampleScan Barcode Reader

Barcode Readers

Complete line of 1D and 2D Barcode readers for single tubes and full racks


Lab Tools

An extensive line of value added lab tools. Above is the new powder transfer spatula.

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